Bar Equipment Canada

bar equipment canada

  • The necessary items for a particular purpose

  • A tool is a device that can be used to produce or achieve something, but that is not consumed in the process. Colloquially a tool can also be a procedure or process used for a specific purpose.

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  • a nation in northern North America; the French were the first Europeans to settle in mainland Canada; "the border between the United States and Canada is the longest unguarded border in the world"

  • A country in northern North America, the second largest country in the world; pop. 32,507,900; capital, Ottawa; official languages, English and French

  • #"Canada" (Barb Jungr, Michael Parker) – 3:37 #"Nothing Through the Letterbox Today" (Jungr, Parker) – 2:43 #"One Step Away from My Heart" (Jungr, Parker) – 4:09 #"Nights in a Suitcase" (Jungr, Parker) – 4:04 #"21 Years" (Jungr, Parker) – 3:37 #"The Chosen One" (Jungr, Parker) – 3:48 #"Walking

  • The CANADA! Party was an official political party in the province of Quebec from 1994 to 1998. It was founded on Canada Day 1994 by federalist Tony Kondaks, former top-aide to Equality Party leader Robert Libman Its name was initially called the Canada Party of Quebec/Parti Canada du Quebec but

  • Prevent or forbid the entrance or movement of

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  • a counter where you can obtain food or drink; "he bought a hot dog and a coke at the bar"

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bar equipment canada - Black Mountain

Black Mountain Products Pull Up Bar and Resistance Bands

Black Mountain Products Pull Up Bar and Resistance Bands

Pull Up Bar
Built for durability and comfort, the B.M.P. chin-up bar is the ultimate fitness training tool for strengthening and developing your shoulders, back, arms, chest, abs, and more. It is also the perfect workout solution or your home, office, or door room. This Pull up bar mounts easily to any door frame to become your own personal gym and features 12 grip positions. As a result, you can build multiple muscle groups with a variety of exercises, with the wide-grip positions challenging your upper lats, biceps, and forearm muscles, and the narrow-grip positions putting more emphasis on your lower lats. Also you can Take it off the door when you want to do push ups or sit-ups. It's so versatile, one piece of equipment to do pull/chin ups in various grip positions. This pull up bar is designed to fit most doorways 24" to 32" wide. With trim up to 3 ? inches wide

Resistance Bands
Black Mountain Products (B.M.P.) Resistance Bands are made from the Highest Quality Natural Latex Rubber to a ensure maximum life. In addition, as the manufacture Black Mountain Products GUARANTEES your bands will arrive at your door as fresh as possible and at the highest quality Possible. This New set of 5 resistance bands include (Beginner to Expert) 1 Yellow band (2-4 Lbs), 1 Green band (4-6 Lbs), 1 Blue Band (10-12 Lbs), 1 Black Band (15-20 Lbs) and 1 Red Band (25-30 Lbs) that are 48 inches long AND 1 door anchor. EACH of these resistance bands are Provided with a soft cushioned foam handle for comfortable grip during use, and exercise routines. Black Mountain Products Resistance Bands are a Great Alternative to free weights or any workout machine. Training with Black Mountain Products Resistance Bands is the perfect tool to help repair torn rotator cuff , elbows, bad knees and general rehabilitation. In addition these resistance bands are compact and Portable. This allows you to workout anywhere!

77% (9)

Playground equipment

Playground equipment

I don't normally like much modern playground equipment (i.e. for kids, as I'm just a wee bit past that for myself :) ), as much of it is too safe and not enough fun (thanks to the safety-Nazis and their paranoia about playground injuries). But this reminds me of some partial-geodesic-dome structures I fondly remember from playgrounds in my childhood years (though I think in this case, kids are meant to climb around in the ropes in the centre rather than on the outside bars; hopefully some rebellious boys defy that and climb all over it, as boys should); and even the roped part, I find I like; I can't help it, as a chemistry geek; this looks much like a molecular model (or an ionic lattice), so naturally I'm biased in favour of it. :)

Ward's Island; Toronto Islands; Toronto, Ontario.

Bald Eagle Portrait

Bald Eagle Portrait

Gold Bar Park, Edmonton, AB, Canada
January 3, 2011

After a huge meal, this Bald Eagle perched low overlooking the river and resting. This Eagle was fairly tame (must be a full stomach) and didn't care about any passerby or dogs. I was able to take some captures before it got a bit nervous with Gerald's photographic equipment and flew to another tree next to the bridge.

bar equipment canada

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